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Thread: Regarding friendly challenges.

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    Regarding friendly challenges.

    Friendly challlenges are present in the first place for us to get a hold on the strat we are going to use in wars or check out the new base that we made. It is a viable method of finding any holes in our bases and also helps us to be in touch with the war knowledge that we have. In some cases, giving fc's is a basic norm in many clanswhen everytime the players request for troops. (like my clan)

    But all that works properly and perfectly with the cc inside. If there is no cc would u ever get the 100% experience of fighting in war? Even with the cc, there is a certain amount of pressure in the actual war compared to normal fc's. So the players should get the maximum amount of proper experience to use thier start and understand it. My question is would u ever eat a dumpling and be satisfied with it when there is no fillings inside? This situation occurs when players give an fc "before" they request and immediately log off. Makes the whole point of an fc meaningless.

    So why not make an automated system where "after" the players recieve cc troops, an automatic fc will appear from the player even when he isnt online.

    1. The player can opt in for this option in-game
    2. The player can set a timer for every interval of fc request so that the chat doesnt get spammed.

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    I can't relate to this problem. Every time I (and clan members) do FC's, we just make sure the CC is filled.

    You share a snapshot of your base to the clan chat for an FC (much like a LL day), so they'd have to change it where the base updates the CC live. Don't know if that's worth the hassle for something (minor imo) like this.

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    Or maybe its simply a clan management issue.. How many have problems in finding a FC when they want one?
    Then revert to the flip side.. A big war, within an active clan.. And every time someone requests troops, a FC pops up to clog chat up even further..

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