Hello there!

I will have to write in English eventhough we only accept Portuguese-speaking people.
Our Neighborhood (Unidos Venceremos) is a Portuguese-speaking Neighborhood looking for active farmers! We need friendly people but also very competitive to play the derbies, which we always play and try to go as further as possible.

What we offer: We are in the championship league
We communicate very much with each other.
We play very competitive (not between us, only for the derby).
We help each other.

What we want:
Active people.
People who play derbies and not those that just get in and stay there just asking for products.
People that do 320 missions ONLY.
Polite people.
People who are willing to help each other as we all are in this Neighborhood.

Add me if you are interested: #80Q9G20QG
If You add me, dm me here in the forum so I can know who you are. The same goes if you need more info.