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Thread: CWL Bonus with sort filter

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    CWL Bonus with sort filter

    Hi COC,

    At the end of of CWL we always have the discussion of the fairest way to allocate the bonus.
    We've come up with the the player with the best for and against and players who donate the most.
    On the finals results page can a donation count and a for and against be added? It would help with arguments within the clan and save me time filling out a spreadsheet. Could a sort by be added. Just by tapping the top of the column you desire. Then the sorted column highlights or has bolder numbers.
    The sort filter would also be good on the "My Clan" page. So we can put clan memebers in alphabetical order or sort by donations. I'm always scrolling past players and having to look mulitple times.


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    I wish they would just automatically be given to top players so it doesn’t have to be Leader giving them honestly. I just give out by ranking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Berlinder View Post
    I wish they would just automatically be given to top players so it doesn’t have to be Leader giving them honestly......
    Yes, I fully understand that in some clans, medal distribution can cause grief with many deserving, yet some of them must go unrewarded. But then there are also clans such as my own. We came in first place this season, won all 7 wars, so we had lots of bonus packets to hand out. The call outs in chat ensued as is typical for us: "Not me! I have no use for yet even more medals!". Not sure what you meant by "top players" (War stars gained?), but that criteria would not work for clans such as my own. We hand out more via who needs them, as opposed to via war performance.

    So yes, I can see where it can be an uncomfortable task for you at this time. But once your members approach and reach max, you will then be glad that you can indeed distribute via any criteria you so may choose.
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