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Thread: Housenumbers in the valley

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    Housenumbers in the valley

    I saw an idea in dutch with no translation, so I tought I translate it for him/her. The idea was that maybe the houses in the valley can get a "housenumber". Just like in real life each house has a number so you can recognice where you are. If your truck has problems, you can say in your Neighbourhood: "I am stuck between number 22 and 23" or something like that. The credits for this idea goes to dayhoux.
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    wouldnt that require everyone to have a map of the place to be of any use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin9632 View Post
    wouldnt that require everyone to have a map of the place to be of any use?
    hmmm...maybe not. The numbers would be the map. Just like in a real life NH, the numbers would be sequential and distributed in a pattern so if you can count, 😁 you’d be good to go.

    I like this idea. It allows for the existence of the unpopular clouds but gives incentive to explore by creating a sense of direction and a way back “home”.

    Thank you schiederij. Thank you dayhoux.

    EDIT: I think village should be Valley. Until I read the text I thought the OP meant the Town though that could be on me. Maybe a kind Mod could adjust it.
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