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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveoUk View Post
    I am purely speculating here...but considering we have to hit the upgrade button to progress the giga tesla, I am presuming that to get th13, this option only becomes available when you have a 5star th12.

    No inside knowledge, no proof, just speculation based on how the game button mechanic works.
    So the speculations were indeed correct -

    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Sorry, for clarification, I was simply referring to the Town Hall itself and the Giga Tesla. That will need to be fully leveled to Giga Tesla level 5 before it can be upgraded to Town Hall 13. The rest of the base can progress as usual. And like upgrading to Town Hall 12, all buildings will need to have been at least placed before you can upgrade to TH13.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maestro666 View Post
    So the speculations were indeed correct -
    I am rarely correct in speculating, so thanks for the citation

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlbertoDelRio2016 View Post
    Is it necessary to upgrade giga tasla to take lvl 4 of th 12 for upgrading th 13?? Because I have th 12 with 1 lvl Tesla.
    Yes giga tesla must be maxed at lvl 5 to upgradd to th13

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    I also think that is going to have the 12.5 as prerequisite to upgrade to 13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartolo99 View Post
    I also think that is going to have the 12.5 as prerequisite to upgrade to 13
    You don't have to think - they confirmed you need to have maxed the GT to upgrade to 13.

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