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Thread: Weird Touch Problem

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    Weird Touch Problem

    Hi, i recently found my touchscreen had a problem in coc. first time i open the app, everything looks fine, but whenever i viewing replay of an attack, and back to home village, my touchscreen isn't working, though it was a problem with the hardware until i realize that it's happen when i covering the proximity sensora and the camera, so i try switch my hand so the camera is now on top and not covered with my hand, everything works fine, but it feel weird to hand a phone like this, and actually hot on my right palm, could it be fixed?
    my phone is Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom running on Oreo

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    Do you run the latest update for clash and your os? Have you tryed to restart your device or deleting clash? Does it only happen in clash?
    For me it sounds like an issue with your phone. The sensor should not while playing.

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