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    There are Pros and Cons, it defends on your priorities. If youre a casual player, you should go for th10. It will be a easier life in terms of upgrading things. If youre a War fanatic, make sure your heroes decent enough before hitting that townhall. But i guess it wont be a drastic change if you wont place your new defenses at th10. Place them when you max all existing defenses at th9 in that sense your heroes wouldnt be left out.

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    imo rushing is not as bad as it used to be. i rushed to th12 last year with lv20 heroes and lv10 point defenses, and pink walls. but maxed troops for what i used

    now 12 months later my queen is lv65, king is 51 and climbing, and warden is 40, walls are all lv10-11
    my defenses are all 0-2 lv from max(x bows, hidden tesla, giga tesla, wizard towers, eagle, and air defenses are all max)(archer towers are all lv16,cannons are lv15, sweepers, infernos, and mortars all need 1 more upgrade), right now working on traps with gold, walls with elixir, and king with de, then will work on maxing air sweepers

    another in my clan maxes everything before going up, she was a nonrushed th10 when i joined right after rushing(i was literally a th7 defensively and mid th9 hero wise(besides gw)). now she is almost a max th11 and besides walls i am above a max th11

    so my rushing strategy made me progress faster than her, i tried to get her to go th12 once her heroes were max but she wants to max defenses and all troops first even know she admitted i have progressed far more at th12
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