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Thread: Do you come up short for clan games every month?

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    Do you come up short for clan games every month?

    You: You're a leader of a smaller [<9] or inactive clan that seems to come up short in clan games every month from either low membership or participation. You're frustrated because you can't get the top tier rewards, and tired of prodding your clan mates every minute of every day, week, and month.

    Me: I have 65 accounts spread over 3 clans, and I can max up to 10 accounts a day if I have to. Don't want to though... it's boring! What I propose is, I'll provide your clan a minimum of 25% of your clan's CG points [maxing 4 accounts] in exchange for letting me run 18 freeloader accounts through to get their cg rewards. If you need more points than that, that's fine. I can do it, whatever it takes. However, if you expect me to do everything, every month... no thanks. I can do that by myself in my own clans. I could use your help just as much as you could use mine. Eventually when your clan is up and running and you won't need my help any longer, I can move on.

    Some personal bugaboos and idiosyncratic behaviors I've witnessed in my travels over the years:

    Obviously, been playing by myself for a lot of years. Ya' gotta be a chill group of people, because my tolerance for drama and kiddie chat is really low. I'm an English/Gaelic speaking adult in the Eastern time zone. I'm going to respect you, and I would hope that you respect me as well.

    TH12 egomaniacs, blowhards, and know-it-alls do not impress me, and we're probably not a good fit. It's a game, I do it for fun.

    If you're a clan leader that gets freaked out by 18 accounts moving in and out of your clan one by one and fear your fairly novice players will suddenly jump ship because they think the sky is falling, we're probably not a good fit. Believe me, I understand, no matter how irrational that may seem. I don't take it personally.

    If you're easily irritated with clan activity and donation requests interrupting your personal chat[s], we're probably not a good fit.

    If you find that you're generally pissy and whiny about every little thing, have control issues about every aspect of the game, we're probably not a good fit.

    If you already max clan games easily, we're probably not a good fit. There's plenty people and clans out there that really do need the help, so please don't hurt them if you just have an occasional case of the lazies.

    I work in pairs of two quietly in the background because I'm all about that action. I'm not interested in getting involved in clan politics, being a co, or interjecting myself into leadership, clan wars, cwl, strategy or whatever. Just wanna do my little part to help your team and then go home until the next month. If we can joke around and have a good time in the process, that's great!

    If you didn't read and comprehend this post and blindly send me a cut & paste recruitment, we're probably not a good fit.

    All my clans are closed, so just pm me so I can swing by for a visit. Thanks!
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    I have got to say this has been one of the best read I have had in awhile. Good luck to you sir.

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    U8 Legion Are Looking For Max TH10+ To Take Our Clan From Great To Stratospheric

    U8 Legion Are Looking For Near-Max TH10+ To Take Our Clan From Great To Stratospheric

    Calling all near-max TH10+ who...

    - Are active Daily
    - Donate on a ratio of at least 2:1 (Request to donate)
    - Like to do clan games (but no real pressure to get the full 4000 as we always max out)
    - Love to war (but we donít mind if you opt out)
    - Are big on CWL (but again, we donít mind if you opt out)

    Our Achievements

    - We have reached Level 9 and are so close to Level 10
    - We are Crystal I in CWL and expect to be in Masters III by the end of CWL
    - We are a very active clan with no rushed bases
    - Out of the 125 wars we have played, we have won 100 of them

    About Us And Our Personalities

    - We like to win wars but also donít mind if you donít always get 3
    - Weíre a pretty chilled clan
    - We have lots of people with multiple accounts so we donít mind at all if you bring more than one
    - We donate a lot and wonít leave your requests hanging

    How To Find Us

    - Our clan is U8 Legion
    - Our tag is #92VJ9RY8
    - If you like the sound of us, welcome home 😉

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    I have two very active clans which max clan games within 48 hours however we are starting a third clan which could use this kinda help until itís fully active. DM me for more info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessVN View Post
    I have got to say this has been one of the best read I have had in awhile. Good luck to you sir.
    I was thinking the same thing! Hahahaha. We don't need any help. But it's borderline a shame bc you sound fantastic. Keep on, keepin' on.

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    Ha, that was good read. Good luck to you. Have to admire someone who can operate 65 accounts! Wow. 😲

    Amazingly detailed post. 👍

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    LOL oh boy did that make me belly laugh. Clan Leader here we don't need your help but oh my you made me laugh. Good Luck and all the best!

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