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Thread: the best way of farming

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    the best way of farming

    I am a university student and have little time and money for playing Clash of Clans now. However, I want to finish upgrading th12 as soon as possible. I've just upgraded to TH12, and I'm really interested in how you guys are farming. Could you tell me an easy and effective way to collect elixir, gold, and dark elixir? In addition to that, I'm really curious what I should upgrade first. Is there any recommendation to upgrade? or Is there any strong attack tactics? I'm good at queen walk and laloons. I have never used bowlers, witches, electric dragon, and digger so far.

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    Getting elixir and gold is rather easy-you can go to league with abundant dead bases and get loot from the collectors and mines. Use some sort of low-elixir army like barch for this purpose, till your elixir needs are taken care of.

    Always prioritise offense buildings(camps, lab, cc etc.) and heroes along with troops and spells you use.

    For farming more dark(and gold) , some sort of elixir - heavy attacks like ones with miners or electro can be made use of. (Higher leagues will give more de on average)

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