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Thread: Clash of clans survey.

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    besides, the game is free (technically) as it is not subscription, so the survey is free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix1027 View Post
    They give plenty back to the players. Have you seen how many achievements are on your profile that give you FREE gems??? Not to mention all the free gems and magic items you get from events, clan games, and the season pass. Be grateful that they give you so many freebies already.
    i also think supercell should be grateful to us and our contribution to them. Iím pretty sure if it was my comment back in December 2017 that helped supercell fix the legends cloud issue, donít believe check the thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OutOfIdeas View Post
    I would complete it for free just to find out what this mysterious survey that everyone is talking about is all about it didn't show up on my accounts so far I guess my opinion is not important
    Quote Originally Posted by TerMinus Prime View Post
    Unfortunately , I didn't receive the survey
    I don't mind doing it for free , even if it took time to fill in the feedback
    Quote Originally Posted by MommySnooks View Post
    I look through the news and events and havenít seen any sign of a survey all week. I was starting to think this is a troll thread, lol.

    But are people really getting this, is it appearing randomly?

    Wondering whether I want to clanmail about it and get ppl to look for it.
    Quote Originally Posted by TerMinus Prime View Post
    Maybe later we (countries who didn't got the survey)might get the survey
    ok I saw talk about a survey. I think I either read another thread about it and maybe I posted something about going to take it. but I never could find the survey.

    I thought I was going crazy. and I couldn't find my post or the other thread.

    I'm glad I'm not going crazy and others didn't get the survey either. hopefully sc will send it out to everyone and we just have to wait, because I want to take it.

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