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Thread: New neighbor joined? How?

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    Question New neighbor joined? How?

    We had a neighbor join today. Our nh is “ask to join” and a minimum of level 35. New player joined without asking and is only level 10. How did this happen? So far the person has not responded in chat to my inquiry. I will boot them if they do not respond, but I was curious how they could join in the first place?

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    Someone in the group must have sent them an invite (the little envelope by your smiley face). Once an invite is sent, they can accept and instantly join.

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    I've had that happen in my neighbourhood. We are invite only and someone joined from an old neighbourhood I had been in. I did not want to join so I would have booted them. They must have been invited by someone in the neighbourhood but there was no way of knowing who did it.

    You're the leader so if theyre they're not participating in the way you want then I'd recommend kicking them.

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