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Thread: Is the win-trading ban being enforced?

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    Is the win-trading ban being enforced?

    Back in January SC announced a fairly forceful ban on win-trading in CWL in response to some fairly obvious shenanigans that were starting to cause a lot of controversy in CWL:

    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    When Clans compete against one another in the Clan War Leagues, agreeing to “fix” the results through negotiation, removing defenses, Star trading, or any other means other than playing legitimately is viewed as win-trading. In our competitive ladder system, the Clan War Leagues are intended to test a Clan’s skill in War. Therefore, we are putting extra scrutiny to ensure that win-trading is not tolerated and actions are taken to maintain the fairness of Clash of Clans.

    When a Clan has been identified as participating in win-trading, the offending Clan will receive a 2-season temporary ban from all Wars (Clan Wars and War Leagues). Any Clan receiving this temporary ban will be unable to join the Clan War Leagues and will be unable to participate in normal Clan Wars until the restriction has lifted.
    One form of collusion in upper leagues that's very easy to spot - and what many people were complaining back in January - is the war where both clans agree to give each other max stars, or close to it. At a similar time to this SC also changed the rewards structure so that stars alone didn't earn stars, and so that tanking didn't help - which ended much of the early controversy around these shenanigans.

    One thing I've noticed posting my interim results each month is that there's always been a trickle of these perfect(ish) wars. They get black-flagged in my results list as they are very easy to detect automatically. So easy that I can pull up the list of all 31 wars with scores of 44-44 or better in Master/Champ leagues since Feb in a minute or so. I've been meaning to have a look at what happened to these clans for a while - after all the entire of CWL is public (you can see every attack on ClashOfStats, for example). I finally had a look, and the results are a bit disappointing...
    (I'm filtering to 15v leagues in Master, so there are no high 30v scores getting counted)

    Taking as a start the August season. There was just one colluded war, in M1 league. With a 44-44 score. In case anyone thinks this is natural score, here's the complete dump of day results from that league group:

    War tag ClanA ClanB Day StarsA StarsB DestructionA DestructionB
    #2PVQ8PCLU #88QLGVQJ #PQRPL0R 1 28 22 1200 898
    #2PVQ8PGUP #29GJV0LLU #QR9PRR9 1 29 27 982 970
    #2PVQ8PJ8G #AAA #BBB 1 44 44 1488 1488
    #2PVQ8PQG0 #VGJ0JRJ #CLP9YQJ8 1 9 39 440 1305
    #2PVR8VC8U #29GJV0LLU #CLP9YQJ8 2 28 26 1086 960
    #2PVR8VRUG #QR9PRR9 #BBB 2 24 32 891 1188
    #2PVR8VUQ8 #VGJ0JRJ #PQRPL0R 2 6 43 393 1445
    #2PVR909JP #AAA #88QLGVQJ 2 25 32 964 1269
    #2PVU2GGGU #QR9PRR9 #CLP9YQJ8 3 19 24 898 921
    #2PVU2GQPG #VGJ0JRJ #88QLGVQJ 3 10 43 366 1450
    #2PVU2GRV8 #PQRPL0R #BBB 3 33 25 1200 978
    #2PVU2GUQJ #29GJV0LLU #AAA 3 23 31 934 1205
    #2Y02QQ0L0 #29GJV0LLU #PQRPL0R 4 26 28 917 1144
    #2Y02QQG9J #QR9PRR9 #AAA 4 24 32 952 1112
    #2Y02QQJUP #VGJ0JRJ #BBB 4 13 40 496 1371
    #2Y02QQPPU #88QLGVQJ #CLP9YQJ8 4 39 18 1434 694
    #2Y0PR88CJ #VGJ0JRJ #QR9PRR9 5 12 36 433 1284
    #2Y0PR8LJG #CLP9YQJ8 #BBB 5 22 32 786 1338
    #2Y0PR8P80 #29GJV0LLU #88QLGVQJ 5 33 31 1173 1254
    #2Y0PR8YLP #AAA #PQRPL0R 5 29 25 1084 1084
    #2Y0QVCGUU #QR9PRR9 #PQRPL0R 6 20 31 900 1135
    #2Y0QVCJ98 #AAA #CLP9YQJ8 6 35 16 1363 487
    #2Y0QVCQGG #29GJV0LLU #VGJ0JRJ 6 38 10 1328 420
    #2Y0QVUQVJ #88QLGVQJ #BBB 6 30 31 1091 1115
    #2Y0C88C28 #QR9PRR9 #88QLGVQJ 7 20 38 757 1385
    #2Y0C88RJU #VGJ0JRJ #AAA 7 9 40 517 1404
    #2Y0C88UYL #PQRPL0R #CLP9YQJ8 7 34 18 1300 514
    #2Y0C88VRJ #29GJV0LLU #BBB 7 22 33 793 1160

    I've retagged the 2 involved clans to #AAA and #BBB to protect the guilty. Their results are highlighted in orange and red. There was also a clan tanking with low bases in that group. They, and the scores against them, are highlighted in green - these are all high scores. That's quite legal - a clan is allowed to give up and drop, if they really want.
    Apart from the greens there aren't any scores anywhere near 40 anywhere in the group. And the scores for these 2 clans look to range from about 25-32. Yet they mysteriously got 44* each (in fact tying on %). Suspicious, no?

    Well, apparently, the octopus doesn't agree. Looking at just the 2 clans, and the 30 players who actually attacked in that war, and were therefore clearly involved:
    - both clans were playing in the following season.
    - of the 30 players, 26 of them attacked in the next season. 28 of them attacked in one of the next 2 CWL seasons.
    We can't see player bans, but if a player attacked in CWL they clearly weren't banned. Some players who didn't attack would be people who quit the game, or just skipped a month. Or played in a low league (I only track crystal and up)

    Maybe the octopus was asleep in August? What about July then? There were 5 such wars in July - mostly 45-44 results, where presumably they agreed who would get the win bonus. Lets look at the one of these from Champs 2 (one was in Champs 1 even!), which was the only 45-45 result. Here's the entire league group results again:

    War Tag ClanA ClanB Day StarsA StarsB DestructionA DestructionB
    #2YQUYYC99 #9YCG8J2Y #9Q2P99GQ 1 30 24 1040 927
    #2YQUYYRUV #20LP8JUUG #28R0QVG2 1 26 25 910 873
    #2YQUYYUQQ #QPQYCGJ #PQQ29UP 1 31 27 1134 1137
    #2YQUYYVCC #AAA #BBB 1 45 45 1500 1500
    #2YG0L0GPR #AAA #28R0QVG2 2 31 28 1152 873
    #2YG0L0Q0Y #QPQYCGJ #9Q2P99GQ 2 37 22 1342 825
    #2YG0L0RGV #9YCG8J2Y #BBB 2 28 29 1009 1180
    #2YG0L0YJ2 #20LP8JUUG #PQQ29UP 2 28 20 923 806
    #2YG9PVC82 #9YCG8J2Y #AAA 3 30 30 1070 1094
    #2YG9PVULY #PQQ29UP #9Q2P99GQ 3 35 26 1284 959
    #2YG9PVVJR #BBB #20LP8JUUG 3 32 29 1224 915
    #2YG9Y0GUR #QPQYCGJ #28R0QVG2 3 30 30 1137 871
    #2YGLJY2RQ #BBB #QPQYCGJ 4 30 30 1144 1081
    #2YGLJY8VC #9YCG8J2Y #20LP8JUUG 4 23 28 956 1028
    #2YGLJYPP2 #PQQ29UP #28R0QVG2 4 32 26 1170 893
    #2YGLJYYGY #AAA #9Q2P99GQ 4 38 26 1342 866
    #2YGRCG2UY #9YCG8J2Y #PQQ29UP 5 29 28 1023 1080
    #2YGRCGQ2Q #AAA #QPQYCGJ 5 27 27 1021 989
    #2YGRCGYC9 #BBB #28R0QVG2 5 33 19 1219 591
    #2YGRCQV9C #20LP8JUUG #9Q2P99GQ 5 35 16 1258 605
    #2YGV8Q2GY #BBB #PQQ29UP 6 32 26 1205 1003
    #2YGV8Q8UR #9Q2P99GQ #28R0QVG2 6 16 24 580 795
    #2YGV8QP8V #9YCG8J2Y #QPQYCGJ 6 30 33 1125 1189
    #2YGV8QYQ9 #AAA #20LP8JUUG 6 33 31 1143 1004
    #2YR8PC9YQ #QPQYCGJ #20LP8JUUG 7 32 29 1150 1035
    #2YR8PCL02 #AAA #PQQ29UP 7 30 27 1186 1052
    #2YR8PCPRC #BBB #9Q2P99GQ 7 40 12 1429 512
    #2YR8PCQPY #9YCG8J2Y #28R0QVG2 7 34 2 1208 136

    I've retagged them again (although if anyone is that interested the war was correctly black-flagged as clear cheating in my interim results lists, so this information has been publicly visible for months).

    At the end of this week there were a few high scores as a couple of clans gave up. But apart from that, nothing close to 45. Not from these 2 clans or any other.

    And the next season... both clans were in CWL again, and all 30 of the players involved attacked in August. The pair of clans in Champ 1 league who got 45-44 were playing in August along with 28 of the 30 players. In fact of the 10 clans involved in the 5 near-perfect results, all but 2 were playing next month and 143 of the 150 players were playing in one of the following 2 seasons.

    OK, so going all the way back to February just after this announcement. There were 3 such 44-44 or better wars in Ch3 and 1 in Ch2. This gets a little more interesting:
    - Neither of the Ch2 clans is listed in March. But both played in April
    - Of the 30 players from Ch2, only 8 played in March, but all 30 played in April.
    - Of the 6 Ch3 clans, all played in March.
    - Of the 90 Ch3 players, 82 played in March, amd 84 played in March or April

    So it looks like maybe the octopus got a bit interested in the Ch2 result - as those clans and most players were out. But any penalty only lasted one month, and didn't seem to affect all of the players. It seems to have ignored Ch3 entirely.

    Of the 31 wars with 44-44 or higher, I could only see 2 where it looked like the clans were out next month. In fact there's a couple of clans that appear twice in these wars - one of the Feb clans was involved in another in July (and a July clan did it again in Nov). Only 5 players featured in both of those Feb&July wars - but just looking at the first couple of them, they seem to have been active in every CWL season before and after.

    So a question - has anyone heard of the win-trading ban hitting players or clans? Maybe I've messed up my analysis? Maybe a 45-45 result doesn't count as win-trading?!? But I can't see how it could possibly not be covered by:
    agreeing to “fix” the results through negotiation, removing defenses, Star trading, or any other means other than playing legitimately is viewed as win-trading
    (There are, of course, other sorts of win trading. But double-perfect wars are just an easy one that can be pulled out of the database with a trivial query)
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    We have run into this situation once, and I did report it. My follow up on the 2 clans the next season showed no change in league gained by nefarious means, and both clans participated in the next league season. Don't think SC puts much effort into leagues below Champ 1, and the clans in the spotlight.
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    It's almost as sad as expectable. During the first ingame qualifiers you could watch players being banned from top 10 clans on clashofstats, this procedure took so long that the bans where probably done manually. A banned player can still be found in the member history of the clan, has no profile image anymore and if you try to load the player page you'll get an error.

    Detailed scanning was often performed after the CWL season has been finished. I doubt the clans in champ 1 and below were systematically scanned and checked, probably because it requires detailled manual checks before the ban.

    I haven't heard of a bigger ban wave regarding collusion,
    but i've heard a few times that suspicious wars were reported and no action was taken,
    which is also indicated by your analysis.

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    Meh. This won't gain much traction here. Why not post this in Darians original post so it gets some views in General?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thegreatpuma View Post
    Meh. This won't gain much traction here. Why not post this in Darians original post so it gets some views in General?
    Probably gain more traction here than to get buried in Darians original post.

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