That’s really interesting - appreciate you sharing the additional data. The spike 44+ is deffo a red flag - it’s happening and is tending towards the 1:29 false positive rate if your eyeballing’s correct (& I’m not doubting you btw). Even with a ‘bad feedback’ averse hat on, 1:10 is exceedingly generous, esp as the punishment is suspension not outright ban.

My comment re: flukes was more highlighting an interpretation that a... ‘customer centric’ individual may challenge with - being close to it & smelling the stench vs getting agreement to take action on 1 result from some committee can differ. missed your point re: someone with 2 - that’s poor if they’re still in the game.

Meh - their game, but doing nothing can encourage it. Seems a small issue right now, but when Ice Ice Whatever & In The Whatever started knocking it out the park it was small too. that ended well.