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Thread: Th12 time?

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    Th12 time?

    I hav time?been th10 for like six months and maxed up all def with king and queen sitting at 30!

    The game was good for me unless they gave up another base to work with (BB)!

    Not interested in upgrading more on bb im on bh4 rn!

    Finished all the war troops and kinda hav some 2 months of research or so left!

    Th12 time? What say ppl

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    Quote Originally Posted by tina2801 View Post
    I hav time?been th10 for like six months and maxed up all def with king and queen sitting at 30!

    Th12 time? What say ppl
    Why not try th 11 first?🙄

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    Is there any TH12 in your clan that can donate Siege Machine to you?
    If yes, there is no need to rush to TH12.

    You will get GW at TH11, need to upgrade GW to level 20 before moving to TH12. BK and AQ need to be at least 40. All 3 Heroes are so important in your attack that anything lower will difficult to take down TH12 defenses. Enjoy your time at TH11 and hopefully you could be TH12 in less than a year with the help of magical items.
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    One step at a time... worth it. Why rush it?

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    I'm wondering if you are TH9 maxed and mistyped that or you mistyped the level of your heroes? Or you mistyped that TH12 and it should have been TH11 .... lots of room for misinterpretation .... OP, can you check your original text and see if it is what you actually meant to type?

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    Well BH really worth it cause of it's 6th builder unlock

    Level 247Maxed TH12

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    Please read my Signature ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ
    If you don't have a th12 in your clan and if this is your mini , feel free to upgrade your TH from level 10 to level 12
    but if this is your main account, I would suggest you to not rush now
    upgrade your TH to level 11 ,
    First priority - upgrading heroes
    Second priority - work on your defense and offense <Troops & spells which you will be using for farming and War>
    Least priority - walls

    When to upgrade your TH to level 12 ?:
    once you have 45+ queen | 45+ queen | 15+ warden <<Minimum>>
    defenses are maxed for TH 11
    Lab - Troops and spell maxed (which you use in war and farming)

    Don't wait for walls and lab to max

    Edit : I highly recommend you to play BH , rush it to BH 9 and try to unlock O.T.T.O
    It took me 14 weeks to get O.T.T.O on my rushed BH account

    see my weekly progress , hopefully this will motivate you to play bb

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    Do not hurry.
    Even if I get 3 stars, it doesn't make sense to give 3 stars to my opponent.
    YouTube :
    TH12 Batspell Strategy
    TH12 island base Strategy
    TH12 ring base Strategy
    TH11 island base Strategyㅣ

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