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    Thank you

    I would just like to thank the team at Hay Day for allowing us to play a game that is enjoyable, and free to play. I realize that there are players who spend money on the game, and without their contributions we may not be able to play for free. So thank you to those farmers as well. This game is a refreshing break from the hardships of reality that many of us have to endure on a daily basis, and I for one need that break. I have been playing for about 3 years and am relatively new to the forum. I have learned some creative strategies from many of you who have posted on the forum. So thank you for helping make my farming a little easier. I have read some of these threads and I can understand some of the frustration some players are going thru with this game. However, it is just that, a game. A game we all enjoy. I respect all of the fellow gamers as well as the SC team for trying to make this game fun for all. I hope we all can continue to play this great game for many more years to come.
    Once again, thank you to all the gamers, and the entire team at Hay Day,

    Happy farming

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    Thank you so much for your kind words!


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