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Our hood is looking for members... We are a small hood looking for more members, we do 9 320 tasks with a 10th always as an OPTION. We are friendly, chatty, helpful and love our towns. Consider joining us! English speaking. Tag # P0G280RP Chatty B's

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My husband and I are seeking a neighborhood with two openings available for us. We are both active Hay Day players with more than 4 years of experience off and on.
We are looking for a neighborhood who is chatty
and willing to help like we are.
We participate in all derbys and only do the 320 tasks.
After taking a year off we have not been able to find the right neighborhood for us please let us know if you have two openings and are willing to let us come help you!
Levels 59 and 51.
Check us out
brooke's barnyard tag:#2pqy880yc
corny Terry tag: #820r8lp0