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Thread: electro and clone spell

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    electro and clone spell


    I want use electro , balloon and clone spell that clone spell cloned only balloon.

    I received donate electro first balloon second - and i see electro first balloon second in clan castle.

    I received donate balloon first electro second - and again i see electro first balloon second in clan castle.

    Each time electro donate for 1 gem (did not make in the Barrack)

    Give me the advice.

    What should i do that in the clan castle will first balloon and second electro?
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    their is no answer to this , only answer you find for this is

    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Regarding the Clan Castle stuff, it's something we really can't go into for very specific reasons. There are a lot of theories that have come close to the answer, but for the reasons I just mentioned, there is an important step that we cannot go into. Sorry folks.

    If you want an official answer to what order the troops emerge, the answer is, "it depends..."
    but still try loon first then edrag next , so that loon will come out of cc troop first

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    A fool proof method for electrone is to just take a single edrag. No loons. This is what I do when I use the strategy.

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