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Thread: Fishing global: thank you SC!

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    Fishing global: thank you SC!

    Was the fishing global event goal set too low? Maybe, but i don't care. We made it and it feels great. We had fail after fail globals recently and it was really depressing. So, for once: thank you SuperCell!

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    Perhaps it was serendipity, but we had lots of 320 fishing tasks right off on our Derby board. Everyone was able to conveniently kill* two birds with one stone—Derby and event!

    *Disclaimer: no animals were harmed, nothing dies in Hay Day except perhaps trucks in the valley.

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    Past several times it was set way too high and never made it. I am still out on several diamonds on that.
    The event came at a good time. There are fishing tasks appearing in derby also. Someone upstairs is thinking now.
    I was able to complete a 320 fishing task on first visit to my lake. I got 147 lbs. 100 lbs completed the task. 150 lbs is the final event step. I was going to do another fishing task but I already ran out of tasks to play.

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