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Thread: Level 50 looking for a relaxed hood

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    Smile Level 50 looking for a relaxed hood

    I'm back after an unexpected break and I'm looking for a neighborhood, but it seems there's really no right fit around. I'll tell you a bit about me as a player, so you can get an idea of what you'd get if I joined your hood.

    • I don't play Derby. If I eventually have enough time, I'll consider it, but at the moment, I don't need that added stress.
    • I try to play everyday. Try being the key word. Some days I can't because of work, real life or I'm honestly not in the mood.
    • I'm very helpful. If a neighbor needs anything that I have, I'll gladly sell it to them. In return, I expect my fellow members to help me grow my farm as well.
    • I'm ok with any trading/selling rules of a neighborhood, but I don't want chatting to be mandatory. I sometimes like to chat, and sometimes I don't.
    • I'm polite and will expect the other neighbors to be the same.
    • I speak English fluently, but my first language is Spanish.

    That's all, I think, but feel free to ask any questions. I do hope there's a neighborhood around that is a good fit for me. Thanks for reading!

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    Hi there. You are welcome to join us at Wonkey Donkey's. Not doing the derby isn't a problem. We are a neighbourhood of 15, 6 of us are active on a daily basis. We are from UK, Europe, India, South Africa and USA.
    We don't have rules about flagging for help or asking for donations. If you need something we will always help out where we can. We don't have rule as about your RSS, set your own prices, sell what you want to whoever you want.
    Basically it is your farm to farm as you like, but we are here to help if you need it.
    We are invite only, so if you want to join come for a visit, I will need your farm tag.
    Happy farming!
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    We have some very very very active players and we have a couple that just pop in and out. We do trade amongst ourselves a lot. We do require you to be an elder to participate in most derbies but we have a lot of players that donít play the derby at all. Criteria to become an elder is based on how active you are. If you are interested in our group I will adjust the required level to let you in.

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    Hi SerenityFarms,

    We are a small NH, 20 people and only 12-13 active players this month. Very helpful, polite, friendly, no dramas Some people play Derby, some people donít. Some people chat, some people donít . We will be very happy to welcome a new player like you
    name: Bonatka's happy NH
    Majority of players level 77-122
    Kik: bonatka
    Hope to see you soon and happy farming

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