I will not knowlingly accept those below 18 yrs old, it solves a multitude of problems, so if you want an adult clan consider us. I encourage lower levels to donate for raiding and offline defence, high or max level for war. Not too concerned about ratios, I can tell quickly who the leeches are. If you like to war, it's preferable to upgrade properly ( attack power to defensive weight ratio). No pressure for clan game participation, as we always max them out anyways. Get 4000 points or 100 it doesnt matter.

League war...its not much use getting too concerned about league war unless you have 15 extremely strong th 12 so... we salvage what we can and move on. Members can get some medals, its simply a way to help with ugrades. I am more concerned with classic warlog. League war has a ridiculious matching system that is not weight based. The notion of "think your clan is good? Sign up for league war to find out!" is a pipe dream. It is a show of who has the most th 12.

Discord is not required. Been playing clash a long time what am I missing? Does it make you feel empowered?

The odd time we swear now and then. No doubt so does a preacher who hits his thumb with a claw hammer the game can be frusterating sometimes😀

Come hang your hat for awhile put your feet up, enjoy the game in Room 385. Clash on people!

Leader, Room 385