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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    If you really aren't happy about it, we could go completely radio silent from this point forward if you'd like.

    Darian sir .. we surely enjoyed sneak peaks ! ! If sneak peak not possible for th13 .. then pls add in next updates .. it keeps the game going

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luicetarro View Post
    Well, not going to argue about authorities and legal contracts. Maybe he does, maybe he don't.
    But I guess it does get tiring to read this stuff every single time an update is around. Ppl yelling it's too early, too late, too much, not enough... *shrugs*

    Anyways, I just wonder why it does take such an amount of pages to realize we're getting the 13th builder, sheez. the builder clearly is holding his number, like a number girl in boxing. It must he the son of the master builder. Hence the last uptade that enabled him to move into the MV to marry a ladyvillager.

    Now we just need to wait till builder 7-12 are released to actually be able to get him to work.
    I feel for ladyvillager tbh. ‘releasing’ 5 more builders following marriage to masterbuilder seems like a tough shift.... the nappies, the cost of tiny hammers, no me time to clap at stuff...
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    Quote Originally Posted by basilbrush303 View Post
    He is not trying to be insulting. He just wants more. Like everyone else does.
    If I had thought he was deliberately trying to be insulting, it wouldn't just have been a comment like that. The post would have been removed, and probably a warning or infraction give.

    But whether intentional or not, it is rather insulting to suggest that somebody needs more practice in something that is a part of their job.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grill View Post
    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neptune01 View Post
    I think Darian's position is more than just an employee who is waiting for an "order" to announce something on the internet, he is a community manager, so i think he has the authority to decide how/when/in what form the information about the games can be released to the public...
    Yep, more than just an employee waiting for an order, but also not the only one involved in the decision of when, where and how to release information world-wide.

    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. Click here for answer on how cc troops deploy (hint, it depends) and more info here. How is war map placement of max halls determined you ask, check out threads like this one. Thank you SC for the new legends! I'd start it at 5500 and let farmers play 5000-5500, but overall it is a great improvement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    Yep, more than just an employee waiting for an order, but also not the only one involved in the decision of when, where and how to release information world-wide.
    Indeed. Darian is a part of Team Clash of Clans, so I'm speculating that how and when the information is released is a decision reached by consensus. And since Darian reads the various channels discussing CoC daily, he has insights to share with Team CoC as they make their decision.

    November 14, 2019

    EDIT: Or we may bend the knee and address Darian as Global Lord Commander, but then you'll get a quick response like I did last year from Darian's coworker.
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    What the hell?
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    Talking More Space In Layout and More Clan Perks

    so we all know th13 is just in the corner nd release very soon. comes with new theme new hero maybe 😜 new defense or building but how can we manage.. can be get more space in home village or not big suspense Darien tell me about it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    "A couple" is not as definite as "two", and when talking about "a coupke of weeks" it could be anything from about 12 to 17 days.

    And who says we are vetting a week of sneak peeks?

    It is alsl incredibly unlikely they would release as major an update as tbis in the middle of CWL.

    Given they won't release on Fri-Sun, and won't want to be too close to the Christmas holidays, my bet is that the release will come on a Mon- Thu, between 10th and 19th.
    The title of this thread asks people to speculate about the update, why do you keep shutting them down?

    And to the point that they wont release on a Friday, I am sure if SC wants to release on a Friday and Google play and iTunes store are told, "Hey, we want to release an update to the most successful game in the last 7 years, with projected purchases of $100,000,000+" I am quite sure Apple and Google will add the staff needed just in case, even if they have to pay them triple time.
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