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Thread: EM Buying Limits FAQs

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    EM Buying Limits FAQs

    The update in October 2019 introduced a new feature that limits the number of expansion materials a player can buy from an RSS on any given day. Please note there is no limit on what a player can sell.

    This is a compilation of information that Nick, the forum Community Manager, has posted regarding the change.


    From our FAQ:

    "In order to better balance trading and to slow down bot activity, we have added a daily buying limit in the Roadside shop. This limit is only valid for expansion and upgrade materials, and it won’t affect your other items.
    Once you have reached your daily buying limit of expansion and upgrade materials you will get a message from the game. Wait for 24 hours and you will be able to buy more materials in the Roadside shop."

    When does the 24hrs start:

    “A "new day" is always midnight UTC (12AM UTC). That's when the 80 limit will reset.”

    Which EM’s are counted:

    Originally Posted by Rinnos
    only with things you buy in RSS. Anything found like when feeding animals etc doesn’t count.

    (Nick’s confirmation)
    “Exactly as Rinnos said - only RSS!”


    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptain Kat View Post
    Metal bars are not really considered Expansion Material like all the other EMs. Yes they can be used to upgrade the personal train however they’re also very much a farm product like food products you make.
    Up to know metal bars have followed the general rules of any food item.
    - Tom can be sent to fetch bars.
    - You can produce bars in a maxhine
    - Bars are an ingredient of other products
    - Even before the update you could request bars in the birdhouse request system.
    So bars aren’t the same as regular expansion materials and never have been.

    Can we expect changes. . .

    . . . In the # that can be bought

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    All I can and will say at this moment is that we will continue to collect data for some time, and then see what the numbers show. We will not remove the limit, that's almost 100% sure, but will we tweak it is another story. And, to which I don't have an answer to yet. Too early to say anything.



    . . . Getting a counter

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    That has been suggested and I have brought it up with the team. However, if we would make a counter it would require an update so don't hold your breath to see one anytime soon anyway.


    UPDATE: Getting a Counter!

    Included in the December 2019 update there is a counter. This allows each player the ability to check to see how many EMs they have purchased, as well as when the time will reset.

    To find the counter, simply tap on your Blue Level Star at the top center of the screen. Then tap the middle tab.

    Here is a screenshot that may simplify the process:

    . . . Adding CAPTCHA (for authenticating player)

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    If we would add a CAPTCHA for each trade, would you enjoy it? I don't think so. Like I said before, we try to make the game as enjoyable and fun for the players, but sometimes in order to make the game fair (against bots, them buying items from random players who trade etc.) there's a downside to it.

    Remove the barn and silo? Errr... nope, won't happen.

    But for now, I will quote myself:



    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post

    It is always easy to say "get rid of the bots" or "you have poor programmers if you can't get rid of the bots", when the fact is that all games around the world face the same problem - bots. Has anyone done a bulletproof game against bots? I don't think so. We ban bots regularly, and have lots of countermeasures towards bots in the game, but the bots will always find a way and come back. It's not about poor programming skills. We could add lots of things to fight the bots, but then players would also be affected (think CAPTCHA or like). We want the gaming experience to be as smooth and relaxed as possible, without any interruptions.



    The Final Word:

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post

    For now we have no plans to remove the limit. Whenever we have anything to say about it, we will. But, for now it stays in place and at 80.



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