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Thread: Old Folks Home | TH11+ | Level 14 | War, CWL, CG, Social | #JQCR9J6Y | RCS

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    Old Folks Home | TH11+ | Level 14 | War, CWL, CG, Social | #JQCR9JGY | RCS

    [Recruiting] Old Folks Home | TH11+ | Level 14 | War, CWL, CG, Social | #JQCR9JGY | Member of RCS

    OFH Discord server
    RCS info (and password required to join)

    Here's the quick and dirty version - we're looking for some reliable TH12's that want to be competitive in SCCWL, and do so with a group of adults without all the drama. We run an all TH12 15v in Masters III and are looking to move up (for those not in that 15, we do run another CWL group in a feeder clan so that everyone gets to participate). We're a laid back group that likes to war....and win. In non-CWL weeks, we war back to back with the occasional day off to reset the start time (which is typically 8-10 pm CST). We're a pretty common sense type group. War attacks get used, donations get filled and clan games get finished. We like to win, but we also understand not every attack goes exactly according to plan. Active and engaged leader and co's keep things running smoothly when the occasional need presents and aren't dictators. On top of all that, we're an RCS member so you get those additional benefits as well. Sound appealing? Read on my friend....

    ​Alas, even the best warriors want to chill out, shed the reigns of responsibility, and help some lower town halls bathe in plunder. We are well seasoned, crotchety, and have a natural obsession and longevity that could only be forged from inserting quarters for hours. We war nonstop and always complete the clan games because despite the anchors of life… WE. JUST. HAVE. TO. So if you're looking for a social war clan where war veterans can still be competitive without the drama, we just might have a spot for you.

    Ages 18+ Required, 30+ Preferred. Youngsters… Get off my damn lawn.

    Activity/Social Interaction Everyone has a more enjoyable experience if we all communicate. We want to see you in chat—both in game and in Discord. While we understand that everyone has obligations outside of game, we expect you to be an active member of this clan. We have members primarily located in the US and Australia, so there’s no real downtime for donations. Just watch out for Sparkplug.

    As we're a member of the RCS, there's additional opportunities to interact and participate in all sorts of events as there's always something going on...take a looksie

    Discord Members must join our Discord server and use it as intended, especially for war.

    Donations Donate what's asked and use common sense when it's not specific. Always maintain a reasonable ratio of requested troops to those donated, with a minimum requirement for all members of 600 troops per season for TH10 and above. If you are TH9 or lower, you will still be expected to donate to those townhalls below you.

    Clan Games We always max and we always do so quickly. Expectation is for everyone in the clan to log at least 1000 points - no single challenges for 100 points just to claim the rewards!

    War We war back to back with an expectation that lower town halls hit hard and fast in the first 8 hrs. Both attacks must be used, and we war for stars not loot unless otherwise cleared by Management. We also participate in SCCWL at Masters III, currently running a 15v15 line up. All heroes active are a must for us to be competitive.

    Joining Us! As a member of the RCS we require all prospective recruits to review the RCS T&C's found here (which is also where you'll find the password...hint hint): r/RedditClanSystem/wiki/official_reddit_clan_system

    ​Apply in game (link if you're on mobile) or jump into our Discord and have a chat with us
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