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Thread: Need advice...

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    Need advice...

    Im not a new clasher and i have and old account my original account that i rushed bad. So i choose to restart and now im th 9 but i just recently got into the old account and want to unrush it please let me know what would be the best way to start to unrush it.. Thanks! #29UGPP0Q is the account.

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    Itís probably a bit harsh to say and you wonít want to hear it but imo youíre better off just building the th9 up. With all the magic items and cwl rewards you can have a better built account before you ever get that th10 straightened out.

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    Well the best advice is never upgrade your TH till you are maxed in defences , it's piority number one , then heroes and walls .

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    Things to work on :
    Priority 1 -> Max out all buildings which require elixir to upgrade + clan castle
    -like army camps,barracks,spell factory,dark spell factory
    <Make sure you upgrade one barracks at a time, or else the troop train
    time will increase drastically>
    Priority 2 -> Always upgrade your heroes constantly
    Priority 3 -> Make sure Lab is always busy i.e. upgrade troops / spell
    -Focus on Maxing offense troops , troops that you would
    use in War / Farming
    Tip -
    Miner is good farming troop as well as war troop, focus on maxing that
    Loonion[Loon+Minion] is great farming strat , Max Lava hound for
    Queen walk / charge Lalo attack strat
    [We have many other great strats available at th10 like
    pekkasmash, BoWitch, Qw/Qc Hogs etc.,choose the one you like and focus
    on maxing it]
    Also work on upgrading these spells -> Rage/Heal/Poison/Haste/Freeze
    Priority 4 -> Upgrade Defenses
    Try to max all defenses to Th8 lvl
    once all defenses are maxed for TH8 , max it for TH9 level
    then focus on maxing your defense to th10
    clash wiki , to plan your upgrades ->
    Following is my personal opinion on defense upgrades-
    order is first to last
    Inferno > wiz tower > xbow > air sweeper > archer tower > tesla > air defense >
    bomb tower > cannon > mortar

    Tips on Farming -
    Check out Gold and Crystal League to farm easy loot
    always give priority to dark elixir , gold and elixir should be your byproduct of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoomanSA View Post
    Well the best advice is never upgrade your TH till you are maxed in defences , it's piority number one , then heroes and walls .
    Not sure if I read this backwards, but I think I advise the exact opposite. I'd suggest making sure offense was the priority instead of defenses.

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    Jump in and get to work. Work and work and work until it is done. With the pass/challenges/games, it won't be that painful.
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