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Thread: Tips for starting and running a neighborhood

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    Tips for starting and running a neighborhood

    Anyone got any tips on starting a neighbor hood. Not sure if it will be a good idea as I am only level 25, so maybe I should wait. Give your thoughts bellow

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    I would suggest joining some neighborhoods first. Try out different ones to see what YOUR style of play is in a group setting. This will help you figure out what rules you want to use in your neighborhood.
    You also need to let go of the thought that booting people makes you evil. I always try to boot on Monday if they have at least TRIED during the last derby, because we all have bad weeks. But there have been a few times lately that a mid derby boot was more than fair.
    For me, language is important. I need to know that what I am saying is understood by everyone in the neighborhood, I also need to know what others in the neighborhood are saying. I do NOT put up with people posting in different languages for any reason. I also don't put up with abusive chat, that includes people who join and ask personal questions. You don't need to know where I live, how old I am or my gender to play a farming game.
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    I've written a lot on this topic - feel free to check out my neighborhood recruitment ad, "Peaceful Estates", and you'll find my perspective there woven throughout.

    Best wishes as you figure out what works best for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayfield View Post
    I would suggest joining some neighborhoods first. Try out different ones to see what YOUR style of play is in a group setting. This will help you figure out what rules you want to use in your neighborhood.
    Yes yes yes.

    When you start recruiting new members, you will run across all sorts of interesting players, both good, bad, and downright bizarre. Watching how other leaders handle this will give you valuable perspective.

    Or you can just jump in with both feet, make you own mistakes, and learn hands-on.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the tips 😃

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    Agree about joining other hoods for experiences first. But try to find active hoods. You might try a hood for a week. If there is much activity, stay longer. If not, then move on to another hood. Note the number of players in a hood before joining. If there are at least 25 members then it likely be active.

    Instead of creating your own hood, you might rather considering just finding a large hood and join. There is a much better playing experience, more help etc.. with a more members. If you start a hood it likely be many weeks before you several new members to join or you may never get a large house of members. In all of that time wasted, you could have been enjoying your farm by just joining an existing large hood.

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    You might be tired of hearing it, but I would join other hoods for sure. I started a new one this summer after only being in two for the past 5 years. I wish I had “hood surfed” a while because I could have learned a lot from other leaders. I have a fairly established hood now and can’t go back...but all I really knew starting out was what I “didn’t” want in a hood. Big learning curve! It’s also hard to start a new hood with just a few members. Derby tasks that involve the town are tough - not enough townies on the tracks to complete a specific building or townie task. It’s do-able, but it’s not ideal and requires a lot of recruiting and patience. Join hoods....make some friends...invite like-minded people to your new hood one day. Just give it time.

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    My best tips are to spend time recruiting and be as clear as you can on your expectations. I always try to ask specific questions about their derby go habits and preferences as well as making sure they actually read my complete recruitment post. Plus I always ask them to join the nhood discord server and have a look around before they decide if they want to join my nhood. I think it’s better for someone to spend a few minutes looking around and then maybe decide it’s not right for them, than join the nhood and spend a week derbying in a place they won’t be happy.
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