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    Got mine this morning.

    Thank you so much Raindragon, for getting this all together and to Supercell for providing the prizes. Love the “official” T.

    Lol, I feel like I should have been wearing it for CWL tonight, I spent so much time in-game.

    (Someone asked—no stickers. Not sure what happened with that, but anyway.)

    Thanks Icey!

    I need a new quote, though. Waiting for just the right one.

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    Got my t-shirt too

    Thanks again for organizing the contest!
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    Looks like something a staff member of a SC event would wear. Looks awesome (I love black T-shirts).

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    Got my shirt a couple days ago, fits perfectly.
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    Hi everyone! I’m really sorry for the mixup. Please let me know if you are someone who did not receive the stickers when your package arrived. I was told they will be sent out to you. Thank you!

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    How do we take part in it.. I wanna take part too..

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyAsh View Post
    How do we take part in it.. I wanna take part too..
    I'd like to suggest you visit the subforum below regularly to read about future contests.

    November 22, 2019
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