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Thread: The money

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    I am not sure why it bothers you, or anyone else how I spend my money.
    Yes I have bought diamonds.
    Yes I have bought boosters.
    Yes I have bought decorations.
    At most, I have spent $20 at one time. I have done that a couple of times.
    USUALLY I buy the $5 or $10 packages. I never spend more than I can afford.
    But it is MY money. I don't drink. I don't do drugs. I can't smoke (asthma). I farm. I love this game and I don't mind supporting it.
    You are free to spend, or not spend your money in any way that is legal and I will NOT say a word. Offer me up the same courtesy please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonGirl View Post
    What Lynn said. I donít know why but I thought that were two campaigns. One gave a panda statue as a gift and the other just changed your roadside stand canopy (if you wanted it to).

    I think (subject to correction) that the Big Red Project is an Apple thing and SC and maybe two other companies joined in the effort that time. So itís likely that was the reason it was limited to the App Store. I hope SC can find a way to do something similar without ticking off a sizeable portion of its gaming community.
    (R) is indeed Apple campaign which usuallys starts on early December. You can look up this RED campaign online. Some Apple product are also available for sale in red color for this campaign purpose. Clash of Clans also had this campaign a few times as fas af I remember, the Town Hall would have a small red tag on it.

    Back to this thread subject, both paying and non paying players contribute to the game economics differently (time, money, network, developing a community....). One aspect of Hay Day is ressource management with multiple constraints: time, missing item... which players can overcome by using in-game currency. This is no more than buying time to advance in this game. In-game currency is a kind of ressource, it's very natural for players who enjoys ressources management to treat diamond as another kind of ressource and hold on them as much as they can. It's up to player to decide how to use diamond (invest to get more, buy time..) and it's game designer job to offer paid options that are "worthy" without penalizing the non-paying customer. Supercell is doing a pretty good job at this. Bravo!

    I can't see Hay Day as "just a game". I have spent some time playing some other games as time killing, till a point where I realised I could use that time better to learn something rather than just "killing time". With Hay Day my brain is stimulated, there are analysis, decision making, human interaction, strong emotions (yes, from happiness to sadness ) and much more. That's why I'm still around posting this 4219th post on forum . Time is the most valuable thing I could give to Hay Day.

    Thanks to multiple testimonials in this thread, we are now aware that player can certainly enjoy the game without financial investment. Don't forget you can get diamond by just playing the game as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonGirl View Post
    ...Iím still holding out hope that the game will run another charity diamond spend...this time for water. I will happily contribute to any legitimate effort to dig wells and bring water to people who desperately need it.
    Yes, Yes, Yes! I absolutely loved the charity events we all did together! I canít wait to do it again, please SC! We gave to the Wildlife Federation and to AIDS research (was there a third one?). I canít wait for the next one. SC, if youíre supporting a pediatric hospital, I am so proud of you all. Please letís all pull together and do a great fundraising charity event in game, to go to needs irl.

    BostonGirl, I think your suggestion of a clean water drive is a great choice, and I hope SC that we can pull off a gusher of an event!

    Dear LynnK2015,
    The reason Big Red (the fight to end AIDS) wasnít available to all players was because GooglePlay (App stores were the avenue through which funds were raised) didnít want to bother, leaving Android players out in the cold. Hopefully, SC can set up an in-game fundraiser that wonít be so heavily dependent upon iTunes or GooglePlay.

    It would be wonderful to team-effort play a great charitable event!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonGirl View Post
    I knew a few days into playing ďfree-to-playĒ HD that it was a game that I could actually play without paying a cent. Ironically, thatís why I started buying diamonds and still do. It may sound strange but itís a criterion of mine. Conversely, if a game maker makes it impossible to really play for free I donít pay and I stop playing.
    I felt exactly the same way. As soon as I realized they were giving me diamonds for free - all over the place - I was more than happy to give them some money.

    The other farm-not-to-be-named-game, IS a pay to win style of game. I gave them maybe $10 in the years I was playing, until one of the developers told me that not all of the tasks they give us are meant to be completed.
    Then what's the freakin point?

    I don't have the time to play Hay Day like I used to, but I am still playing. I have bought diamonds several times. My only diamond complaint is about the limited time sales they give me. I've pretty much bought them all up until this recent one that offers me 4000 diamonds. 4000 diamonds sounds tasty! lol but I just don't have $80 to put into the game all at one time.

    I wish they'd offer me more of the lower priced sales again. Financially, it would be easier for me to take advantage of the "box" of diamonds once a month, than the "trunk" once every 6 months. And in 6 months, they'd make more off of me at $16 a month than $80 once.

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    I bought diamond package twice:
    1. For max.Dairy mill & Sugar (level 15 - 27, I guess, forgot the exact level <30)
    2. Birthday seasonal, I fell in 💕💕💕 with balloons decoration 🎈🎈🎈 there are cute 3 tiny balloons. I want the rubber playground & some cute Pirata too, but I quite tight budget of real money. I only can buy 1 decoration package

    I wish someday HD could offering them again/ making them as Derby rewards/ shop item in Valley
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    If I like a game, I am more than willing to support it by buying diamonds. Nothing in life is free & supercell would not be able to develop & support the game if money was not spent on it. Personally I buy a $50 itunes card once a month & I use that to either buy music, movies or support the games I play, that is my budget. I try & play a new game for at least a month before I spend money on it to see whether it is worth the investment or not.

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