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    Upcoming update in clash of clans

    Hey, SC can we get starting sneak peeks of December update in November. According to darian , winter update is so massive. And if it is si massive you must start delivering sneak peeks from November.

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    No matter how massive the update is, we never get sneak peeks one month in advance. And also the thing about delivering information way too earlier means that there is high chance it could be changed even before the update. It means the information is not complete yet and don't expect any sneak peeks now.

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    You might get some information on recruiting tool updates.

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    Kids, I love those kids.

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    Never too early for these kind of meaningful threads

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobitanovi View Post
    Sorry but sc has not realeased any sneak peeks
    You should patience and wait for right time..

    Thank you..
    I think u missed the point of his thread. He specifically wrote this because thier havent been any sneak peeks. Lol
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    Sneak peeks will be released when SC is ready to publish them and not one second sooner.

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    One thing we discovered when we did the several weeks of sneak peeks for TH12 was that the "1 sneak peek per week" path we took actually created a bit of "sneak peek fatigue" since we had it spread out over 4 weeks. The community was pretty much like, "ok enough already!"

    So we won't be doing the "weeks of peeks" like we did for that update. For this next update, we'll be concentrating them more closer to the release date in December. But...we may have a few teasers in the meantime. ;-)
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