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Thread: I did something spontaneous

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    I did something spontaneous

    We had a very close war recently that we edged out 69-68 even though they beat us on %. There were a lot of clutch performances from both sides. My war base was not only 3 starred on a fresh hit, it was 3 starred by hogs, previously having never being 3 starred in war. I had to respond, on my nemesis' base to win the war, pulling out a clutch 3 (dragbat) late in the war that turned the tide.

    After the war I decided to stop by the enemy clan and pay my respects on a hard fought war. I wasnt sure how it would go, but to my surprise we shared a mutual respect and conversed for a good half an hour, about our strategies and philosophies. It was a very positive experience for me and the opposing clan to chat and share our respect with each other, mainly with the direct person I traded blows with. I realize that not every encounter will be this positive, but I intend to do this more often, either to congratulate the enemy on a well earned win(the only type my clan will let you have lol) or to share my respect on a hard fought loss.

    In the post-global era of Clash, our community lives in a more isolated state. I encourage my fellow clashers to be more outgoing and share good-will amongst the community.

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    Ill sometimes do that when i have time but sometimes since we always war it is hard

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    Nice hope to war you soon
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    Very nice indeed and kudos to the enemy clan as well for being good sports 👍🏼

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