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Thread: Do you make thematic sectors on your farm?

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    My whole farm is full of zones lol

    I hope you like

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    my valley rewards.

    my horses and donkeys

    home and backyard

    the beach

    my town

    and my animals at town

    hope you like it
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    what a great idea, love to see other farms and how they have decorated 😍

    My farm is also full of thematic areas, I love to tell little stories or set up scenes, here are some of my areas 🌻

    My farm house with garden

    Food boulevard with tea garden

    Rose garden with waterfall

    summer training area for winter sports

    camp fire in the woods

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    Wow everyone’s sectioned theme garden/farm is sooo beautiful! I enjoyed looking at each and everyone. I like decorating my garden by different themes and i get excited when there’s new decors to avail of at every update or promos😊🥰 here’s how i separated each area

    This is my oriental garden

    This is my special backyard with my golden statues and few precious decor

    My Christmas garden

    My playground and Hayday anniversary cakes

    My personal name area

    My animals area

    My easter theme with bees and also a wedding garden beside it

    Mining area beside some water places to swim and relax

    Halloween theme at the town

    That’s all for now until the newest decos arrive😊

    It took me several edits/tries to download the images yikes

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    I sure hope you all enter this contest!

    Thank you TerMinus for the awesome sig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahoe View Post
    I sure hope you all enter this contest!
    Thanks Tahoe, i just did. Seems like a fun contest☺️☺️

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