Watch out! You've been ẞOOẞYTRAPPED! We are recruiting new people for our growing level 4 war clan recently coming off of a 9 war win streak. We are looking for new recruits, non-rushed bases that are TH7 and up. We participate in clan games, clan wars, and CWL. Being in war isn't necessary but being active and remaining a participating clan member in donos, chat, etc is. Anyone 18+ can join. We like to make our clan seem like a big family. We will help with any questions you may have or any advice on attacks if needed. Donations are constant, we remain active through both the day and the night. Even if you just need a friend to talk to, we got you. Please remain respectful, read the clan bio, and if everything seems good, stop in and see what our clan is about. Thanks in advance to anyone who joins! (Discord available, join our clan for the link)