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Thread: What have you accomplished within a year?

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    What have you accomplished within a year?

    Last year around this time, Nov 7th to be exact! I started a new account that I intentionally rushed to th12 for SM donations. I got tired of asking th12s on global to join and help a sister out, figured I could help myself. Took me about 5 months to reach th12 leaving all defenses at lvl one.

    Well here I am at almost a year later and in a years time frame so far I have gotten my heroes to K38, Q39 and GW 25.
    Maxed my archers, barbs, miners, heal, rage, poison, bat spell, reg dragon, edrag, loons, hound, minions (baby dragons currently going to max) stone slammer and wall wrecker. Was focusing on air related things, once baby dragon is maxed I'll start on the haste spell.
    Walls 183 lvl 11 ones and 117 lvl 10.
    Maxed all traps and teslas.
    All buildings are maxed except for my defenses of course.

    I recently started to upgrade defense (I kept them at lvl 1 intentionally until I was done with traps and teslas). So far I've gotten my cannons and AT to lvl 7, mortar and air defense to lvl 3, wizard towers to lvl 2. Xbows, inferno towers, bomb tower, air sweepers and EA are all still at lvl 1. [Mainly upgrading in order of cheapest cost first.]

    My base still looks/is very rushed, but I can handle myself in war when attacking, it'll be awhile before my defenses are on par.
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    right behind you
    Started a third village last year and its now th10 with semi rushed heroes/dark stuff. I hope that i get all buildings maxed until december update at my second village (th12).

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    I was a new th9 at this time last year. Now I am maxing my th11-will upgrade th on 15th of this month.
    A few months back I started two additional accounts for clan games and war-both are th9 now.

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    I was rushed th9 around October when I started playing again. Now I’m a new th11 coming out of a maxed (almost) th10

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    well , i've maxed out my 2 accounts !

    Level 258Maxed TH13

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    Maxed my main th12 -Main Village - 2 Weeks back got my O.t.t.O <Did my own rushed to o.t.t.o series >
    Unrushed my second account th12<walls/few troops & spells left><Working on my rushed BH9, just 1 gear up and BM{13} left>
    Unrushed my third account th11<Walls /few troops & spells left><Planning to stay at BH7>
    Unrushed my fourth account th11<walls/king 44 / few troops & spells left><Planning to stay at BH7>

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    I took a year off from playing.

    Edit: still have to update my sig line.
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    slowed way down playing..seems now, I don't have to pry my phone out of the walls as much these days...

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    A year ago I started another game app , I slowed down here, and picked up there... but don’t like it as much.
    I am now down in both games .
    Still looking

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    A year ago I was a max TH10, basking in the glory of my own greatness... today I’m closing in on mid level TH12, unable to recall the feeling of glory, what was I thinking?

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