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Thread: What have you accomplished within a year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelms View Post
    My greatest accomplishment was stop playing this game.
    One addiction eliminated. Peace.
    And here you are 😁😁

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    Mid town hall 11 to 3 walls left at th12.
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    Started playing CoC. Currently partway through TH11 having maxed out everything except the lab in TH10. Also have OTTO finished. I’ve still got around 2 months before I hit my year, I guess.
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    Attacking your base
    Last year I was a new th11 now i'm a mid th12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJluv2013 View Post
    Last year around this time, Nov 7th to be exact! I started a new account that I intentionally rushed to th12 for SM donations. I got tired of asking th12s on global to join and help a sister out, figured I could help myself. Took me about 5 months to reach th12 leaving all defenses at lvl one.

    Well here I am at almost a year later and in a years time frame so far I have gotten my heroes to K38, Q39 and GW 25.
    Maxed my archers, barbs, miners, heal, rage, poison, bat spell, reg dragon, edrag, loons, hound, minions (baby dragons currently going to max) stone slammer and wall wrecker. Was focusing on air related things, once baby dragon is maxed I'll start on the haste spell.
    Walls 183 lvl 11 ones and 117 lvl 10.
    Maxed all traps and teslas.
    All buildings are maxed except for my defenses of course.

    I recently started to upgrade defense (I kept them at lvl 1 intentionally until I was done with traps and teslas). So far I've gotten my cannons and AT to lvl 7, mortar and air defense to lvl 3, wizard towers to lvl 2. Xbows, inferno towers, bomb tower, air sweepers and EA are all still at lvl 1. [Mainly upgrading in order of cheapest cost first.]

    My base still looks/is very rushed, but I can handle myself in war when attacking, it'll be awhile before my defenses are on par.
    I have a max 12 and a mid 12. Don't know where they were a year ago but do miss donating siege to random people on global! Always willing to help a sister out! Just don't call me "bro"!

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    Level 210 - TH12 - 2 bil GG - 2 bil EE - 11 mil HH - 300 lvl 13 walls

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    I was on break from clash a year ago as I did not find th12 to he enjoyable. After 18 months of tweaks and balances, I've come back and have been having a good time. So, I was in the exact same spot, but I've been furiously catching up, and now I have only got to max out my archer towers, cannons, mortars ,air defenses, teslas, mines, drill, king, warden, barb, archer, wallie, loon, baby, minny, hoggy, valkyrie, golem, witch, hound, bowler, frosty, all spells, and walls. So close it hurts :l

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    In a year I made 2 TH12s, 1 TH10, 2 TH9s, and turned an engineered TH11 into a near max 11 defense.

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    Started again playing coc after 2 years. Rushed th10 --> now two months being th11 not rushed

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    in a year i went from a very rushed th12 with lv20 heroes, pink walls, very low lv defenses, to heroes 65(queen),52(king), 40(warden). lv 10-11 walls and mostly maxxed defenses

    only thing left rushed is walls
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