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    Quote Originally Posted by BallTillWeFall82 View Post
    I do like the idea of another support troop. You know what would be really dope and would throw the game on its head... PETS!!!! Ok Ok hear me out. Theres like 3 or 4 to start off with and they all have different little abilities. You would have to assign it to whichever hero you choose which would in turn augment their abilities slightly... You would have "endless" possiblities!! I dont think well ever see this because of the work it would entail but i think it would be pretty cool!!!
    This would be extremely difficult to balance as well as supercell already balances the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by TakeMeDown View Post
    The 4th Hero
    - support hero
    - toggle for ground/air
    - makes a duplicate of your troop within range (they dont attack)
    - when you pop her ability those clones become real troops to fight along with you.
    - guess you can only bring 3 heroes in war so pick the best that suit your strategy.
    The clone spell also doing this thing. It is depend on us that how we use clone spell Orr not

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    I think the new hero will be the new girlfriend of the builder with a huge hammer. You can see a part of the hammer next to the BBK in the picture.
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