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Thread: TH11 (Near Max) - Looking for a CWL Masters I+ Adult Clan

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    Exclamation TH11 (Near Max) - Looking for a CWL Masters I+ Adult Clan

    My Profile:
    My Player Tag: #8YUUU9UU

    • I'm a TH11, 2551 war stars, nearly fullmax defense & offense upgrades, working on lvl 12 walls (the rest are lvl 11). Will be upgrading to TH 12 when the remaining defenses are finished - heroes are already at max
    • Playing Clash completely F2P since early 2014
    • I'm active daily and always in war
    • I do min 500 points in Clan Games, can do more if we're lacking good/enough CG players
    • I specialize in hitting the top TH12s for 2* with Electro Drags, or I can 3* any TH10 or below targets
    • Looking for full or high CWL participation
    • Only looking for a clan in CWL Rank Master I or above
    • The leader of my current clan left with a lot of the higher bases (taking a break), so I'm looking for a new home
    • No up-tight "hit this exact base" clans please. I'm looking for a mature clan that lets experienced players decide what to hit. English-speaking only

    The CWL sign-up timer has started - I prefer to get into the clan now and be included in your CWL roster for this season. If not today, I can join after the current CWL season (or drop me a PM if you want to invite and you plan to delay your CWL start).

    Post here with your clan details or invite me in-game (change your war log to public if you do the invite ingame). Thanks.
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    Please join here, Clan name:- War fields,

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    We haven't started cwl yet so you said you can 2* Th12 and 3* TH10 and down.
    Can you 3* TH11?

    We are a lvl 21 clan with 685 wins we split up clan for CWL.

    Let me know if interested.

    Send me a PM if you need more info.
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    Good luck finding a quality clan in Masters 1 or Champs that will take a th11 in their line up.

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