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Thread: why this happens all the time?

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    why this happens all the time?

    when i made a new base layout it will say save the village? i click save and then it didn't save at all and i have to build the damn base again , why this happens all the time ???????????

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    I don't know you are having this problem. Have you tried support? I would.

    Try doing part of it and then save it. At least you won't spend all that time on it.

    I've been playing BH since it came out and never had that problem. Is your connection stable?
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    I"m guessing unstable connection and you don't know it until its too late.

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    I have this issue all the time - it’s sporadic and inconsistent. It’s also why I always go through and check my war bases before a war. Whenever I save a base - new or just changes - I go back into it 3-5 times and save it again each time.
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