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With the recruitment fiasco, where We are encourage to try poach players I was Wondering who considers this fairplay.

1 pretend to join a clan
2 be really friendly donate lots of troops
3 stay a war or 2, Hopefully do well
4 look for splits in clan power structure and discontent
5 assess members as good potential recruits
6 say a fond fairbye, say the clan doesnt quite suit you but many of clanmates are awesome
7 return to homeclan but keep new label so they can see where you go, stay 2 days
8 do the same to 2 more clans
9 return to home clan
10 Send friend requests and invites to identified pllayers

If you asked me 2 months ago I would have said these people where the scum of the earth, I still Kinda do, but to be Honest this seams like the best system to recruit and it feels out hands or forced (hyperbole) or tied (not literally).

I have not resorted to this tactic, and probably never will, but was wondering what you guys think:

1 totally unacceptable

2 feels dirty, but If things continue like this I will consider but feel bad

3 Given that We have no real way to recruit in game, I certainly would consider this now

4 Lol this is a war game snowflake, I do this already and love it

5 way more nuanced answer required than your list of 4

6 it feels like When you post, you say what could be said in 16 words, in 1600. Why not just ask people to say fariplay yes/no and let them explain If they want. Cant supercell remove you with global?
indeed complete fiasco and deliberately done by as u said
these people where the scum of the earth
or are imo

u cant even set and save the settings for recruitment its just so much more difficult then theres the lies with people claiming they active and not