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Thread: Still can't repair other trucks in the valley.

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    Still can't repair other trucks in the valley.

    This is ludicrous. I haven't managed to repair a single truck since valley came out and Ive been playing all the time. I press the truck and nothing happens. Press the popup - nothing happens. Does anybody else have this problem?

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    I do not have this problem, I just drove past, my truck stopped at the broken truck. Then I fixed the truck and my truck drove further.

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    If it doesn’t let you repair the truck, close hay day completely, then restart it, you should be able to repair it now. I know it’s a faff having to do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philly65 View Post
    If it doesn’t let you repair the truck, close hay day completely, then restart it, you should be able to repair it now. I know it’s a faff having to do that.
    This works for me too

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    truck broke down for the second time in this valley season. last time i kept checking - it was never repaired. time expired. looks like the same for this one. why in a farm that nothing dies does this have to happen. eliminate truck breakdown

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    I had a very bad valley day yesterday. I got a truck repair daily task I spend all day checking every couple of hours for a broken truck, but didn't find one. Then in the late afternoon my neighbours truck broke down not too far away from me. I would have had enough fuel to get there. So I started driving and after a few tiles (I needed 2 more tiles to reach my neighbour!) MY truck broke down

    I wrote that in our chat so a third neighbour wanted to come and help me so that I then could help the other neighbour and complete my daily task. To get to my truck the 3rd neighbour had to drive past the 2nd neighbours truck and when she did *BOOM* 2nd neighbours truck was instantly fixed. This is especially frustrating since I could not fix another truck by driving past just a few days ago (I posted about this on an other thread: So the 3rd neighbour repaired both the 2nd neighbours and my truck which was very nice of her.

    The rest of the day there were no more broken down trucks so I could not complete my daily task and will therefore be unable to get all mystery boxes.

    I know it could be just a coincidence but I find it VERY hard at this point not to believe that this is a programmed "feature" to make your truck break down on the way to help another truck when you have a daily task needing a truck repair. It sure feels like they want you to spend diamonds... but sorry SC I will not spend diamonds in the valley. It is not such an enjoyable feature even with the improvements last update. I will miss out on the last mystery box and that is frustrating to me.
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    Still having problems repairing trucks in Valley. Its a pain having to log out and in to reset it.

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    I totally agree with you! This has happened on numerous occasions when I wanted to repair a truck for my hoodie and wasted a lot of fuel going back and forth. It also happened to my friend who came to repair my truck. She also wasted fuel going back and forth. Help & Support says we only have to pass the truck. We don't have to (maybe we should not) stop at the truck intentionally. I haven't had a chance to try this out since the message.

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    I rode past a broken down truck and nothing happened. I just rode past, and then had to go back, wasting fuel to fix it.

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