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Thread: Project | All 20 Day 2 World Championship Base Layouts with Links

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    Project | All 20 Day 2 World Championship Base Layouts with Links

    Dear Community,

    I just finished building all 20 of the day 2 semi final war base layouts from the clash of clans world championship and I have made them available with links for everyone, ad-free and at no cost, in a big gallery! I tinted the semi final bases red for easier distinction.

    I hope you all get some use out of the war base layouts that were used by NOVA, MCES, Team QUESO and TRIBE Gaming in these exciting matches to reach the finals!

    All day 3 base layouts will be coming the following days!


    Much love,

    Adoration (#QLRUJU2C)

    PS. For repeat visitors, please don't forget to refresh the page or hard refresh (wipe the browsers cache) the website inorder to view the most recent version of! (Browsers, especially on mobile, cache (save) a version of the website (that's often outdated) for better performance and loading speeds)

    For all of you who are new to the website, visit the Introduction Thread to learn all about it:

    I have been asked a lot about the trap placements. Proper trap placements make or break these bases, so it's important to get those right! Inorder to get those as accurate as possible, I watch the attacks on the bases in 0.5x speed a couple of times and pause a lot. Teslas, tornado trap, most of the air mines, skellies and big bombs are usually quite easy to distinguish and place correctly and are therefore accurate. Springtraps and the small bombs on the other hand I had to place based on my own experience observing these teams and their base build strategies.
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