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Thread: Level 62 looking for all horseshoes/diamond optional derby players

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    Level 62 looking for all horseshoes/diamond optional derby players

    My family quit playing so I am looking for a new neighborhood. Ideally, it would have at least 10 derby players that go for all the horseshoes with the 10th task optional depending on special situations. Also, looking for a place that at least regularly releases town people. All the neighborhood descriptions I have read either require the diamond task or a higher level than I am, so let me know if I am a good fit for your neighborhood.

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    Dreamers # PCGL2RLR we ar in champion league. we have 3 available slot we assign elders asap when derby active and we r helpers . cya

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    Mountaineer Nation looking to add neighbors

    ***we have some guidelines which we ask all members to abide by***

    derby: We ask that all tasks be completed! We like to win, place or show every week......(if you don't like to complete tasks then please don't waste our spots or your time) will be required to complete all 320 x9 tasks or you will be removed from the neighborhood!!

    We do understand that life happens and you may not allows be able to participate in the derby. All we ask is that you help others with tasks as you are able.

    Birdhouse: We use this for crops, axes and saws only.

    Boats: Tag as many as you wish, but please advertise!! Neighbors are very helpful, particulary with derby boats, but why not let the outsiders help too!? We do not require that you fill boats for neighbors outside of derby, that is your choice.

    Town peeps: We love to let everyone in the hood know when we have those greedy peeps waiting.....

    Elder promotion: You will be promoted to elder only when we see that you are completeing your 320 x9 tasks and also are being helpful to your other neighbors.

    Trees/plants: Please check to see if someone is working on help task prior to reviving plants.♥

    **please check messages before buying in case an item is up for another player.**

    and most importantly have fun being a part of♥mountaineer♥nation♥and our great neighborhood we are so glad you decided to join us!!

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    Hi icydove 😊
    I think you would be a good fit for our hood. You can find more info here:

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