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Thread: ClashSpot - Clash of Clans tools website

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    ClashSpot - Clash of Clans tools website


    ClashSpot is a website that allow you to explore miscellaneous data around Clash of Clans. For example, you can see clans and players data. A war tool allow you to follow war result in live. ClashSpot keep an archive of many data of war (WC and WCL). ClashSpot is in continuous development and I'll use this new post to announce the new features implemented on ClashSpot.

    Address of the website :

    To inaugurate this post, I announce the new feature that allow you to create dynamics banners. Same as the forum signatures, you can create your own custom banners : you choose your dimensions, your images, your data on the banner, etc by drag and drop objects.
    Example of custom banner :

    No wait more, click here to start creating your banner.

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