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    Red face BH9 maxed finally...!

    Iíve FINALLY finished my BH9 walls off just a week or so ago on my main. Iím shifting gears to work on maxing my KVN game next, while I finish off the walls on the HV for my main. Time to start pushing on my main BB next. As I figure out what attack strategies work best, Iíll be streaming as well.

    How are you guys doing on maxing your BH9?
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    16 sections of lvl 8 BH walls to upgrade and then I will have maxed out both villages

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    Congrats Noctaire , my BH is far from max

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    18 wall segments left for me. I'm not really pushing, but will attack and win more than 3 times a day..

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    3 archer towers and a few mines. 33 wall segment's. Also never got around to upgrading gem mine to 9. After the announcement about how far away new bh content is, I quit pushing. It will get done when it gets done.
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    Congrats! BTW when did you get the content creator badge?
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    One cannon and then I have:

    1 level 7 wall
    1 level 6 wall
    1 level 5 wall
    33 level 8 walls

    So, wall are going to take a long time. Research is almost done at least. 4 more levels for hogs and then I'm done. It is the same on my 2 accounts minus two days on my second account.

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    11wall segments left here... going for safe-2 attacks since most bases are anti-hogs. Will try to beat my pb next season since trophies will reset to 5k
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    Only 2 troops maxed (and one of them is not even maxed, it is just that it's last upgrade is now going on the Star Laboratory), and only Multi Mortar, Roaster, Giant Cannon and Mega Tesla are maxed and some traps. Walls and Battle Machine are stuck behind and I am not working on them until everything else is maxed first.

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    Fully maxed (except for 2 bombs but that's just in case season challenges say upgrade 2 buildings) and now focusing on walls. Getting quite bored now so trying to vary up my attack strategies, I still have a lot to learn! What bases are you using lately Noctaire since the meta has changed a lot since you made that list of bases post!
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    Thank you TerMinus!

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