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Thread: [Recruiting] Savage Squad (#LVP99U2Q) | Level 11 | War/CWL/Farming/Clan Games/Social

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    Exclamation [Recruiting] Savage Squad (#LVP99U2Q) | Level 11 | War/CWL/Farming/Clan Games/Social

    About Savage Squad:

    • Clan Tag: #LVP99U2Q
    • Clan Level: 12
    • Clan Type: War/CWL/Farming/Social
    • Clan Games: Always Max
    • Clan Wars: Constant
    • CWL: Crystal II


    If you're looking for a laid back clan, max clan games rewards, and war when you want with no pressure, you've found the right clan. We will never criticize your attack and we have plenty of experienced players to offer advice.

    We're looking for non-rushed TH9+. TH11+, we have a guaranteed spot for you in CWL. Strong TH10's, we can get you some CWL action as well.

    Savage Squad is growing fast. We've got a strong core of players and we're looking to make it stronger with your help.


    Just drop us a join request in-game and say that you saw the post on the forums.
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    Bump bump bump

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    CWL starting soon. Looking for TH11's and TH12's to join us, we have a CWL spot for you.

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    Still looking for a few TH11 or TH12's to join us for CWL. Strong TH10's will get some action as well.

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    Bump it...

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    Let's bump it

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    Bump... join us for max clan games rewards.

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