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Thread: Permits and the Valley. How many are in your Valley shop?

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    One permit and one puzzle piece. The one permit is an increase over last season
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    One scroll, one puzzle piece. Really only interested in scrolls so will stop playing after I have enough tokens for that.

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    Two scrolls, one puzzle piece. In my neighbourhood some also have one permit and two puzzle pieces and others have one of each. There doesn't seem to be a pattern.

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    One permit, one puzzle piece. In the past 3 seasons Iíve had 5-6 permits each time.
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    It’s like we’re being punished to play this stupid game.... restricting access to new areas, expansion limits. SC mas as well just close shop permanently

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    One scroll and two puzzle pieces. I have no idea why sc are trying to ruin this game?

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    One permit and one puzzle piece.

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    1 permit, 3 puzzle pieces. The only other things that could be useful are the 3 fishing area boosters (fishing areas reset 25% faster for 24 hours).

    The last season only offered one permit. I did just enough work to get that and the chicken diamonds.

    The first full season offered 6 permits. I valleyed like crazy with major planning to collect the correct combo of tokens for each one. Got ‘em all!

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    1 puzzle piece and 1 permit. Lame. The first few valley seasons there were a lot of permits.
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    1 scroll and 2 puzzle pieces. This is actually an improvement as I wasn't offered any scrolls in the last 2 seasons
    I wasn't so concerned when I only had 4 land areas to unlock but now with the extra land I realise the hopelessness of the situation. I have achieved everything I wanted in the game (although 2 new sanctuary animals changed that), so no longer play the valley and have basically given up on the game except to help my hoodies

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