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Thread: Permits and the Valley. How many are in your Valley shop?

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    Permits and the Valley. How many are in your Valley shop?

    Have seen a few comments in various threads about permits (or more specifically the lack of) in the Valley prizes this season so thought we could get a more accurate idea of the numbers, and if they have reduced since last season, by pulling them together into this dedicated thread.

    So, how many permits have you in your Valley shop and is it more or less than previous seasons?

    I have just one this time. Last couple of seasons I had 3. Other players in our hood report a definite reduction with some not having a single permit, others (the majority) with 1 and a couple have 2 but no one has more. Looks like it needs tweaking.
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    I have 1 permit & 2 scrolls.

    I have no idea how many I’ve had in previous seasons, but I feel it was 2-3 maybe.

    My main aim is the Unique Deco, then I just buy what I can with what’s left. I never played The Valley for the permits, but given we have more land and need a LOT of permits, with very few ways of getting them, having more to BUY with TOLKENS (earned from playing) in the Valley would make sense...

    ...Unless of course you’re more interested in selling them for ‘real money’ <whistles nonchalantly>

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    1 permit on all 4 farms
    1 puzzle piece on each of my three eligible farms

    Quite disappointing.

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    1 scroll and 1 puzzle piece.

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    Two scrolls, two puzzle pieces.

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    only 1 scroll
    Farm level 157/ town 40.
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    2 in mine, but they're 16 days apart, only 1 puzzle piece
    Honestly not thrilled about the other rewards offered either. I don't think I'm going to knock myself out over this feature. The 40 diamonds at the end look nice, if I can even get that many tokens/chickens

    my baby farm only has 1 scroll, no puzzle pieces at all

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    Last two seasons I had 2 and 3 permits and don't remember about puzzles. Now 1 permit and 1 puzzle.

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    1 scroll, 2 puzzle pieces.

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    Main Farm :1 scroll (day 13), 1 puzzle piece.
    Hubby's farm: 1 scroll and one puzzle piece.
    Daughter's farm: 1 scroll 2 puzzle pieces.
    Baby Farm #1: 2 scrolls 1 puzzle piece
    Baby Farm #2: 3 scrolls and 1 puzzle piece. WHAT????
    The most I have had offered were 4 scrolls, I only earned 3, I missed the last one by less than 100 red tokens. Two of them needed 850 red tokens, one of them 250 red tokens. There was a distinct lack of red tokens offered up.
    The least I have been offered is zero. That was Valley before last.
    This is the second valley in a row that I have had 1 scroll.
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