I know this has been discussed a lot but it is a function that causes frustration.

it there someway that the last helpers function can be switched off / or have an opt out function. If there are players who like this function there is an option to keep it, for those that think it is a hindrance they can opt out.

due to people I help being able to access my farm for a couple of days after I help them I now rarely help those outside my neighbourhood.

i made a decision to help a sugar boat on a low level farm a couple of days ago - to give them a go. Today I put up 30 helps for a hoodie (my 10 year old son) to complete a task as well as 60 metal bars for one coin per 10 for him to upgrade his personal train.

i had no ads up & had had no ads for 24 hours. The person I helped with the sugar boat purchased the bars & competed the helps while my hoodie was refreshing as the helps had a lag in appearing to him.

i understand that once something is in the shop it is available for anyone to purchase, but if I don't advertise it would be nice if someone I had HELPED wasn't able to swoop in.

i play this game with my children to bond as a family but instances like this really upset them to the point that we may look for an alternative.