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    [RECRUITING] | Cardinal Gang | Looking For Nonrushed Bases of Any Level | 5-1 In Wars

    Why join Cardinal Gang?

    - Fun, friendly war clan
    - Back to back wars so there's always action happening
    - We are very active donors
    - 9-2 war record. When you war with us, you win, and that means lots of war loot!
    - Very inclusive environment

    It is true that other clans have that. However, not very many provide the experience that this clan does:

    - Many super high-level clans don't care much about new members that join. However, with us, we care very much about every member; thus, we will take the time to help you improve your attacks and upgrade your base as fast as possible. No matter who you are.
    - Many low level clans simply don't know what they're doing. With us, though, we have experienced players who will help you, but you also get the benefits of helping to start a revolution. The best of both worlds!
    - Joining us is like joining a start-up. You have very good opportunities for promotion, and every member is highly valued. Your attacks, your behavior in clan chat, and your maturity will have more of an impact than it does in a clan that's been around for years. This makes the game more fulfilling and more fun for you!
    As an added bonus, we can (to a very limited extent) offer college admissions advice. We were recently created at one of the best universities of all time.

    Who Is Allowed Join The Clan?

    - English speakers
    - Anybody, at any town hall level, whose base is relatively non-rushed. The main requirement is being willing to put in the work to improve at attacking.
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