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Thread: Level 99 derby player needs new hood

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    Join us at Green Acres. Tag: VOJ98GY. Very helpful team. Play derby, complete all derby tasks with higher than 300 points. Enjoy the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Storm999 View Post
    Looking for new hood that does 320/400 tasks only. Serious derby player. Helpful, team player. Not looking for strict rules on how to play. Been playing for years and have lead my own hood to many gold cups but most don’t play derby anymore so hood is too quiet.
    Hello Storm....We are called Gladys gang it is a request to join. We are a derby oriented champions
    neighborhood. We try to do all 320 / 10 tasks if possible. We require all members Opt out if not able to participe in the Derby that week. We help each other as much as possible, we are polite and friendly.

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    This is our ad:

    Ripley’s Farm #PQ9PUQQY

    We’ve been playing this game for about 3 – 4 years, been in different hoods and somehow just got tired of our super relaxed neighbours. So we created this hood hoping to recruit like–minded members.

    What we can offer is

    • Elder upon joining
    • Helpful and friendly environment
    • You can request for anything
    • Opting out is not a problem

    And just a few requirements:

    • English speaking hood and English speaking members are welcome from all around the world (all time zones are welcome but we mostly play the derby in European time zone)
    • 10x320/400 tasks
    • Being polite and friendly is very much appreciated
    • No need to be chatty but basic communication is required
    • We do not reserve tasks, fair play for everyone
    • Entry level is 75

    So if you like to play this game as much as we do, compete and win, come and join us!
    Lvl 138, town 39 #ULU2U8Y

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    DREAMERS #PCGL2RLR we have no strict rules just complete all tasks alloted. 300 plus . We prefer adult farmers. We have only 5 slots avail . Wr r in champ league . We assign elders asap

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    ����THE DAIRY���� Recruiting new players

    Derby players wanted to join our International championship league hood.
    We are stress free,helpful & friendly.
    OPT out if your busy and be willing to complete all tasks and help others.
    We have players from UK,USA,Australia,everyone welcome and emglish speaking is important for communication. Thanks

    ●Requirements ●
    * Derby tasks at 320+ (10th task optional)
    * Group chat (optional)
    * Minimum level 80
    * Fluent English Speaking
    * 18yrs or older
    * Elder on joining


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