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Thread: Th 11 45/45/20 heroes 457 war stars needing a war clan coming off of a break..

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    Th 11 45/45/20 heroes 457 war stars needing a war clan coming off of a break..

    Need a war clan

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    Hi Joh,

    Perfect, we need more warriors. 😁 You'd be welcome to join our main clan.

    We have four active international clans in the Bailey family. All follow the general rules:
    • English speaking only.
    • Adults 18+
    • Drama free
    • Back to back wars (can opt out)

    The Bailey (in-game link, forum post)
    The original clan, established in the UK about 4 years ago.
    For TH11s and TH12s.

    The Bailey II (in-game link, forum post)
    Established this year originally to run a second CWL, however quickly grew in a couple of months to an active war clan. Generally TH8s to TH10s.

    The Bailey III (in-game link, forum post)
    Another super active war clan, constantly a friendly competition between B2 and B3.
    Generally TH8s and TH9s.

    The Bailey IV (in-game link, forum post)
    Our newest clan. Started to accommodate the fast growth of the bailey family of clans. Currently has over 40 active members! Bailey V anyone?
    All TH levels welcome.

    We use Discord to communicate between clans and as to assist in recruiting, strategy and planning, however it's not a requirement. If you're interested please join our Discord Server or if you don't use Discord just apply in game saying you're from the forums or just message me.

    Wishing you all the best in your search.



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    sent you a PM.

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    Please see clan “4 Clash 20” we are UK based and would love for you to join us.
    we war 24:7. Encourage chatty and friendly members. We win more than we loose. Use both attacks in war or get kicked. Clan games completed.

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    We are currently on the search for decent TH12s / TH11s that know their stuff! So If you’re sexy and you know it! Then please check us out!
    A friendly, mature, Aussie, War Clan.
    442 wins 138 losses (open war log)
    Discord: 8KP58zs

    I see you are looking for a clan! We invite you to check out AWW! We are relaxed yet serious war obsessed clashers. We are mostly adults that enjoy the game and try to keep up with the current meta.
    Why join us?

    • AWW is an organised War Clan. We use Discord to communicate.
    • We play for the enjoyment of the game and we all strive to become that little bit better at the game of Clash of Clans.
    • We offer a competitive war environment as well as B2B wars.
    • We run 2 x SCCWL line ups in both Champs 3 and Masters 3. All members have a chance to participate.

    Who are we looking for?

    • We are looking for players who love war and are active. We don't want members that just show up and perform both attacks.
    • We are NOT looking for a WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM attacker.

    • Looking for members that have a burning desire to become 3 star specialists.
    • No rushed bases
    • Seek active players who love to war!

    How to join AWW?
    Accepting in-game applications.
    Apply via our Discord server:
    Discord is mandatory for all members.

    Look forward to meeting you soon :-)

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    UK - Clan is US/UK
    Quote Originally Posted by joh5b View Post
    Need a war clan
    Dropped a visitor message as currently on mobile, but #YLY89PR2 would be interested in you joining.

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    Hey Jon, here's who we are...

    We are a level 16 competitive adult war clan looking add friendly, English speaking clashers to our team. We are international with most of our members being in the United States.

    Requirements to join are simple:

    1. Both attacks must always be used in war! We understand sometimes emergencies happen in life, but habitual missed attacks will get you kicked.

    2. If you are rushed, you must be able to hold your own in war. We prefer non-rushed players, but everyone has their own style and if you can stand your ground let's go!

    3. Multiple accounts are fine. Most of our members have multiple accounts.

    4. Request using clan tag above and say forums in your request so we know how we're finding people.

    We do participate in Clan War Leagues and are currently in Masters II. We also always complete Clan Games usually in the first day or two. Warring is back to back so if you don't want to war just turn your green light off.

    Hope to meet you soon

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    Wink Feel Free to join

    Hey there Joh,
    We’d be happy to welcome you to our war clan. We love war and are great at it!
    Feel free to pop over to U8 Legion (#92VJ9RY8)

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    WTFBBQ (#2CRL080Y) is recruiting!

    We are a level 19/champs III league, "casual" war clan; too sexy for our shirts and hellbent on CoC destruction! Losing a war isn't the end of the world but we are a strong group that follow a war plan. We usually match tough opponents and thrive on the challenge - with an 80% win ratio and 570+ wins, it should be clear that we know what it takes to be victorious in war. We war 3x/week (spin on Sun/Tues/Fri) except during Clan War League events or the occasional Potluck. We are 100% fair play - no modding, botting, etc. is allowed. Also, we do not take in engineered bases so if engineering is your thing, please don't waste your time or ours.
    Minimum hero requirements for our main clan are as follows:
    TH10 – 70 combined
    TH11s - 100 combined
    TH12s - 120 combined

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    sent you a pm
    Seven and Seven - Leader of the clan Pick Yer Poison (Tag#LJJPVVLY).

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