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Thread: TRADE HERE: The ALL Items Trading Thread

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    Trading the following for bems

    Wax 3:1
    Honey 4:1
    Jellybeans 1:1
    Chocolate 2:1
    Jams 3:1
    Rings 3:1
    Cheese 3:1

    Feel free to ask for any other food, clothing, or jewelry products. Will happily negotiate

    Kik graffixjester

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    Need plank
    Have dairy products
    Kik hastyseat23

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    Senior Member Sayurii's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    my deed for your stake

    LEM for BEM or SEM

    my deed for your BEM (10:1) or SEM (10:3) up to 321
    my mallet/stake for your BEM (6:1) or SEM (2:1) up to 45/45

    my map piece for your BEM (12:1) or SEM (4:1) up to 65

    TEM for BEM or SEM
    my tar bucket/hammer/stone block for your BEM (3:1) or SEM (1:1) up to 25/14/23

    Tools for BEM or SEM
    my axe for your BEM (10:1) or SEM (10:3) up to 290
    my saw for your BEM (3:1) or SEM (1:1) up to 100
    my pickaxe/shovel for your BEM (3:1) or SEM (1:1) up to 55/63

    Food for BEM or SEM
    my syrup/white sugar/brown sugar for your BEM (9:1) or SEM (3:1) up to 36ea
    my juice for your BEM (8:1) or SEM (8:3)
    my jam/ice cream for your BEM (5:1) or SEM (5:3)
    my ALL OTHER FOODS for your BEM (3:1) or SEM (1:1)

    my coins for your BEM (6,000:1) or SEM (2,000:1) you provide blankets or rings for exchange

    my plants for you to water/revive for your BEM (15:1) or SEM (5:1) up to 150

    kik sayuriihayday

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    I have 80 stakes 150 mallets to trade for bolts 10:1 planks/tapes 8:1 or screws 4:1 or panels 3:1 or deeds 1:1 or goat cheese 3:2 (mine:yours). Prefer All in one Trade or to trade in equal ratios of each.

    Can sell at 1 coin and you sell at max if you need coins. SEMS and BEMS to sell at Max or 2699.

    Can only trade thru GC via existing GC friends or Farm ID. Please KIK kirarakitsune. Thank you.

    Please take note of the 80 Max rule. Please KIK to confirm how many can be trade.

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    Apr 2018
    My 40 planks for your 40 bolts (1:1). Max price both ways. Partial trades welcome.

    Trade complete, thank you.
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    My LEMs for your BEMs. 8:1

    My LEMs for your wood panels. 8:3

    My 400 axes for 33 BEMs.

    My 100 saws for 25 BEMs.

    Your cheese for my BEMs.

    Your soy sauce for my BEMs.

    Kik: JCeez_
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    Centennial Club Bella4hayday's Avatar
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    Aug 2017
    Hi fellow farmers

    I have 30 planks to trade for your 30 tapes
    my 10 mallets for your 10 stakes

    Default prices
    Partial trades are welcome

    Please Kik: bella4hayday

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    Feb 2020
    My LEMs for BEMs 8:1 or SEMs 3:1

    Kik tayler288
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    50 cream+25 cheese for 11 plank
    Kik hastyseat23

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    Mar 2016
    Trading my AXES [100] for 10 Screws

    Trading my LEMS, Up to 89, for 10 Screws
    kik: OscarBob54

    IF the AD is up, I'm still trading

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